About Us

IMC is a design and consulting engineering firm that operates within the commercial industry to provide mechanical, electrical and plumbing design services. Since its inception in 1988, IMC has serviced a broad range of major institutions and facilities in south Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast region working directly with architects, civil engineers, contractors and owners. Its focus for nearly three decades has been to consistently offer quality services to the commercial, institutional and municipal marketplace.

With a staff of 17 professionals, technicians, drafters and support personnel, IMC places specific emphasis on the commercial and municipal sectors including office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers, sport facilities and municipal infrastructure improvements such as storm water drainage pumping systems, sewerage improvements and street lighting. As a long established consulting firm, IMC has handled a multitude of major administrative, medical and infrastructure projects in the metro New Orleans area. 

As an MEP group, IMC has built its reputation on reliability. Its long-standing association with architects, owners and other professionals is a testament to the company’s reputation for producing consistent, quality constructible design work within a stated deadline. IMC has maintained those important relationships because those individuals understand the value of the IMC design and consulting side of business. Reliability, consistency and relationships coupled with its ability to adjust to the ever-changing technologies are the keys to IMC’s success.


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